A collection of server administration utilities.

Command Description
/addrole <rolename> [user] Add a role to a user.
/removerole <rolename> [user] Remove a role from a user.
/editrole Edit role settings.
/editrole name <role> <name> Edit a role's name.
/editrole colour <role> <value> Edit a role's colour.
/announceset Change how announcements are sent in this guild.
/announceset channel [channel] Change the channel where the bot will send announcements.
/announceset clearchannel Unsets the channel for announcements.
/selfrole <selfrole> Add or remove a selfrole from yourself.
/selfrole list Lists all available selfroles.
/selfroleset Manage selfroles.
/selfroleset remove [roles...] Remove a role, or a selection of roles, from the list of available selfroles.
/selfroleset add [roles...] Add a role, or a selection of roles, to the list of available selfroles.
/selfroleset clear Clear the list of available selfroles for this server.


Check new users with AltDentifier API

Command Description
/altcheck [member] Check a user on AltDentifier.
/altset Manage AltDentifier Settings.
/altset settings View AltDentifier Settings.
/altset unwhitelist <user_id> Remove a user from the AltDentifier whitelist.
/altset channel [channel] Set the channel to send AltDentifier join checks to.
/altset action <level> [action] Specify what actions to take when a member joins and has a certain Trust Level.
/altset whitelist <user_id> Whitelist a user from AltDentifier actions.


Receive and moderate staff applications with customizable questions.

Command Description
/apply Apply to be a staff member.
/applyset Various Application settings.
/applyset applicant [role] Set the Staff Applicant role.
/applyset settings See current settings.
/applyset accepter [role] Set the role that can accept/reject applications.
/applyset questions Set custom application questions.
/applyset channel [channel] Set the channel where applications will be sent.
/accept <target> Accept a staff applicant.
/deny <target> Deny a staff applicant.


Auto-Roles (Give Roles on User Join)

Command Description
/autorole Autorole commands
/autorole enable Enable autorole
/autorole list List all roles in the autorole list
/autorole add <role> Add a role to be assigned to all new joins
/autorole disable Disable autorole
/autorole remove <role> Remove a role from the autorole list


Play battleship with one other person.

Command Description
/battleship Start a game of battleship.
/battleshipstop Stop the game of battleship in this channel.
/battleshipboard <channel> View your current board in an ongoing game.
/battleshipset Config options for battleship.
/battleshipset mention [value] Set if players should be mentioned when their turn begins.
/battleshipset imgboard [value] Set if the board should be displayed using an image.
/battleshipset extra [value] Set if an extra shot should be given after a hit.


[PREMIUM] Do calculations from Discord with buttons!

Command Description
/calculate [calculation] Calculate a simple expression.


Play Cards Against Humanity in DMs.

Command Description
/game [message] Displays the game's current status.
/chat [message] Broadcasts a message to the other players in your game.
/lay [card] Lays a card or cards from your hand. If multiple cards are needed, separate them by a comma (1,2,3).
/pick [card] As the judge - pick the winning card(s).
/hand Shows your hand.
/newcah Starts a new Cards Against Humanity game.
/leavecah Leaves the current game you're in.
/joincah [id] Join a Cards Against Humanity game. If no id or user is passed, joins a random game.
/cahgames Displays up to 10 CAH games in progress.
/score Display the score of the current game.
/laid Shows who laid their cards and who hasn't.
/removeplayer [name] Removes a player from the game. Can only be done by the player who created the game.
/flushhand Flushes the cards in your hand - can only be done once per game.
/idlekick [setting] Sets whether or not to kick members if idle for 5 minutes or more. Can only be done by the player who created the game.


This cog contains commands used for &quot;cleaning up&quot; (deleting) messages. This is designed as a moderator tool and offers many convenient use cases. All cleanup commands only apply to the channel the command is executed in. Messages older than two weeks cannot be mass deleted. This is a limitation of the API.

Command Description
/cleanup Base command for deleting messages.
/cleanup text <text> <number> [delete_pinned=False] Delete the last X messages matching the specified text in the current channel.
/cleanup between <one> <two> [delete_pinned=False] Delete the messages between Message One and Message Two, providing the messages IDs.
/cleanup user <user> <number> [delete_pinned=False] Delete the last X messages from a specified user in the current channel.
/cleanup messages <number> [delete_pinned=False] Delete the last X messages in the current channel.
/cleanup after [message_id] [delete_pinned=False] Delete all messages after a specified message.
/cleanup duplicates [number=50] Deletes duplicate messages in the channel from the last X messages and keeps only one copy.
/cleanup bot <number> [delete_pinned=False] Clean up command messages and messages from the bot in the current channel.
/cleanup before [message_id] <number> [delete_pinned=False] Deletes X messages before the specified message.
/cleanup self <number> [match_pattern] [delete_pinned=False] Clean up messages owned by the bot in the current channel.
/cleanupset Manage the settings for the cleanup command.
/cleanupset notify Toggle clean up notification settings.


[PREMIUM] Speak with the bot through AI

Command Description
/cleverbot <message> Talk with cleverbot
/cleverbotset Settings for cleverbot
/cleverbotset channel [channel] Toggles channel for automatic replies
/cleverbotset toggle Toggles reply on mention


Play Connect 4!

Command Description
/connect4 <member> Play Connect 4 with another player.
/connect4 stats [member] View Connect 4 stats.


Conversation Games such as: Would you Rather, Never have I Ever, and Truth or Dare

Command Description
/wouldyourather Would you rather?
/neverhaveiever Never have I
/truth <user> Ask a truth question to users!
/dare <user> Dare someone!


[PREMIUM] Gather information about various crypto currencies, stocks, and converts to different currencies

Command Description
/btc [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] converts from BTC to a given currency.
/eth [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] converts from ETH to a given currency.
/ltc [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] converts from LTC to a given currency.
/xmr [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] converts from XMR to a given currency.
/bch [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] converts from BCH to a given currency.
/doge [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] converts from XDG to a given currency.
/multicoin [coins...] Gets the current USD value for a list of coins
/crypto <coin> [amount=1.0] [currency=USD] [full] Displays the latest information about a specified crypto currency
/stock <ticker> [currency=USD] Gets current ticker symbol price.
/convertcurrency <currency1> <currency2> [amount=1.0] Converts a value between 2 different currencies


The Core cog has many commands related to core functions. These commands come loaded with every Timmy bot, and cover some of the most basic usage of the bot.

Command Description
/info Shows info about [botname].
/uptime Shows [botname]'s uptime.
/mydata Commands which interact with the data [botname] has about you.
/mydata whatdata Find out what type of data [botname] stores and why.
/mydata forgetme Have [botname] forget what it knows about you.
/mydata getmydata [Coming Soon] Get what data [botname] has about you.
/mydata 3rdparty View the End User Data statements of each 3rd-party module.
/embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off.
/embedset command <command> [enabled] Sets a command's embed setting.
/embedset command server <command> [enabled] Sets a commmand's embed setting for the current server.
/embedset showsettings [command] Show the current embed settings.
/embedset server [enabled] Set the server's embed setting.
/embedset user [enabled] Sets personal embed setting for DMs.
/embedset channel [enabled] Set's a channel's embed setting.
/invite Shows [botname]'s invite url.
/set Commands for changing [botname]'s settings.
/set addadminrole <role> Adds an admin role for this guild.
/set addmodrole <role> Adds a moderator role for this guild.
/set removemodrole <role> Removes a mod role for this guild.
/set usebotcolour Toggle whether to use the bot owner-configured colour for embeds.
/set serverprefix [prefixes...] Sets [botname]'s server prefix(es).
/set nickname [nickname] Sets [botname]'s nickname for the current server.
/set serverfuzzy Toggle whether to enable fuzzy command search for the server.
/set showsettings Show the current settings for [botname].
/set removeadminrole <role> Removes an admin role for this guild.
/set deletedelay [time] Set the delay until the bot removes the command message.
/set regionalformat [language_code] Changes the bot's regional format in this server. This is used for formatting date, time and numbers.
/set locale <language_code> Changes the bot's locale in this server.
/contact <message> Sends a message to the owner.
/localallowlist Commands to manage the server specific allowlist.
/localallowlist remove <users_or_roles...> Removes user or role from the allowlist.
/localallowlist add <users_or_roles...> Adds a user or role to the server allowlist.
/localallowlist clear Clears the allowlist.
/localallowlist list Lists users and roles on the server allowlist.
/localblocklist Commands to manage the server specific blocklist.
/localblocklist remove <users_or_roles...> Removes user or role from local blocklist.
/localblocklist add <users_or_roles...> Adds a user or role to the local blocklist.
/localblocklist clear Clears the server blocklist.
/localblocklist list Lists users and roles on the server blocklist.
/command Commands to enable and disable commands and cogs.
/command listdisabledcogs List the cogs which are disabled in this server.
/command enable <command> Enable a command.
/command enable server <command> Enable a command in this server.
/command enablecog <cog> Enable a cog in this server.
/command listdisabled List disabled commands.
/command listdisabled global List disabled commands globally.
/command listdisabled guild List disabled commands in this server.
/command disablecog <cog> Disable a cog in this server.
/command disable <command> Disable a command.
/command disable server <command> Disable a command in this server only.
/autoimmune Commands to manage server settings for immunity from automated actions.
/autoimmune add <user_or_role> Makes a user or role immune from automated moderation actions.
/autoimmune remove <user_or_role> Remove a user or role from being immune to automated moderation actions.
/autoimmune isimmune <user_or_role> Checks if a user or role would be considered immune from automated actions.
/autoimmune list Gets the current members and roles configured for automatic moderation action immunity.
/ignore Commands to add servers or channels to the ignore list.
/ignore server Ignore commands in this server.
/ignore channel [channel] Ignore commands in the channel or category.
/ignore list List the currently ignored servers and channels.
/unignore Commands to remove servers or channels from the ignore list.
/unignore channel [channel] Remove a channel or category from the ignore list.
/unignore server Remove this server from the ignore list.


[PREMIUM] Contains commands for creating and managing custom commands that display text. These are useful for storing information members might need, like FAQ answers or invite links. Custom commands can be used by anyone by default, so be careful with pings. Commands can only be lowercase, and will not respond to any uppercase letters.

Command Description
/customcom Base command for Custom Commands management.
/customcom show <command_name> Shows a custom command's responses and its settings.
/customcom edit <command> [text] Edit a custom command.
/customcom raw <command> Get the raw response of a custom command, to get the proper markdown.
/customcom delete <command> Delete a custom command.
/customcom list List all available custom commands.
/customcom search <query> Searches through custom commands, according to the query.
/customcom create <command> <text> Create custom commands.
/customcom create random <command> Create a CC where it will randomly choose a response!
/customcom create simple <command> <text> Add a simple custom command.
/customcom cooldown <command> [cooldown] [per=member] Set, edit, or view the cooldown for a custom command.


Command Description
/dashboard Group command for controlling the web dashboard for Timmy.
/dashboard roles Customize the roles that have permission to certain parts of the dashboard.
/dashboard roles create <role> [permissions...] Register a new discord role to access certain parts of the dashboard.
/dashboard roles info <role> List permissions for a registered role.
/dashboard roles edit <role> [permissions...] Edit the permissions registered with a registered role.
/dashboard roles delete <role> Unregister a role from the dashboard.
/dashboard roles perms Displays permission keywords matched with humanized descriptions.
/dashboard roles list List roles registered with dashboard.


Install community cogs made by Cog Creators. Community cogs, also called third party cogs, are not included in the default Red install. Community cogs come in repositories. Repos are a group of cogs you can install. You always need to add the creator&#x27;s repository using the `[p]repo` command before you can install one or more cogs from the creator.

Command Description
/findcog <command_name> Find which cog a command comes from.


Get rich and have fun with imaginary currency!

Command Description
/bank Base command to manage the bank.
/bank set <to> <creds> Set the balance of a user's bank account.
/bank reset [confirmation=False] Delete all bank accounts.
/bank prune Base command for pruning bank accounts.
/bank prune server [confirmation=False] Prune bank accounts for users no longer in the server.
/bank prune user <user> [confirmation=False] Delete the bank account of a specified user.
/bank transfer <to> <amount> Transfer currency to other users.
/bank balance [user] Show the user's account balance.
/payday Get some free currency.
/leaderboard [top=10] [show_global=False] Print the leaderboard.
/economyset Base command to manage Economy settings.
/economyset paydayamount <creds> Set the amount earned each payday.
/economyset slotmax <bid> Set the maximum slot machine bid.
/economyset rolepaydayamount <role> <creds> Set the amount earned each payday for a role.
/economyset slottime <duration> Set the cooldown for the slot machine.
/economyset registeramount <creds> Set the initial balance for new bank accounts.
/economyset showsettings Shows the current economy settings
/economyset paydaytime <duration> Set the cooldown for the payday command.
/economyset slotmin <bid> Set the minimum slot machine bid.


Tools for Managing Custom Emojis

Command Description
/steal Manage Adding Emoji's Easily.
/steal emoji <emojis...> Add some emojis to this server.
/steal fromimage Add an emoji to this server from a provided image.


F1 data.

Command Description
/f1 F1 Group Command
/f1 notify [role] Optionally, ping a role during the Race Day notifications.
/f1 circuits [year] F1 circuits by season year.
/f1 standings F1 Standings
/f1 standings drivers
/f1 standings constructors
/f1 recent F1 most recent race result.
/f1 next Find out when the next F1 Grand Prix is scheduled to take place.
/f1 qualifying <year> <round> F1 race result.
/f1 drivers [year] F1 drivers by season year.
/f1 subscribe [channel] Subscribe a channel to F1 Race Day notifications.
/f1 race <year> <round> F1 race result.
/f1 constructors [year] F1 constructors by season year.
/f1 schedule [year] F1 schedule by season year.


[PREMIUM] Host Giveaways

Command Description
/giveaway Manage the giveaway system
/giveaway entrants <msgid> List all entrants for a giveaway.
/giveaway list List all giveaways in the server.
/giveaway advanced <arguments> Advanced creation of Giveaways.
/giveaway start [channel] <time> <prize> Start a giveaway.
/giveaway end <msgid> End a giveaway.
/giveaway explain Explanation of giveaway advanced and the arguements it supports.
/giveaway reroll <msgid> Reroll a giveaway.
/giveaway info <msgid> Information about a giveaway.
/giveaway integrations Various 3rd party integrations for giveaways.


A Simple google search with image support as well

Command Description
/yandex Yandex related search commands
/yandex reverse [url] Attach or paste the url of an image to reverse search, or reply to a message which has the image/embed with the image
/google Google Parent Command
/google image [query] Search google images from discord
/google search [query] Google search your query from Discord channel.
/google reverse [url] Attach or paste the url of an image to reverse search, or reply to a message which has the image/embed with the image


[PREMIUM] Welcomes a user to the server with an image.

Command Description
/imgwelcome Configuration options for the welcome image.
/imgwelcome servertext <server_text_color> Set the server text color. Use hex code for color (#000000).
/imgwelcome border [bordercolor] Set the profile image border color.
/imgwelcome bonus Toggle display of additional text welcome messages when a user joins the server.
/imgwelcome bonus user Toggle text announcement when a user is x 100th to join or #1337.
/imgwelcome bonus warn Toggle text announcement when a new user's account is <7d old.
/imgwelcome preview [member] [number] Show a welcome image with the current settings.
/imgwelcome welcometext <welcome_text_color> Set the welcome text color. Use hex code for color (#000000).
/imgwelcome channel <channel> Set the announcement channel.
/imgwelcome size <profilesize> Set the profile size in pixels. Use one number, 128 is recommended.
/imgwelcome font Font settings.
/imgwelcome font reset Reset the fonts used and the font size back to default settings.
/imgwelcome font welcome <font_name> [size] Change the welcome text font.
/imgwelcome font list List fonts in the directory.
/imgwelcome font name <font_name> [size] Change the name text font.
/imgwelcome font server <font_name> [size] Change the server text font.
/imgwelcome toggle Toggle welcome messages on the server.
/imgwelcome clear Set the background to transparent.
/imgwelcome nametext <name_text_color> Set the name text color. Use hex code for color (#000000).
/imgwelcome upload [default] Upload a background through Discord. 500px x 150px.
/imgwelcome outline [outline] Set the text outline. White or black.


Create a channel with updating server info This relies on editing channels, which is a strictly rate-limited activity. As such, updates will not be frequent. Currently capped at 1 per 5 minutes per server.

Command Description
/infochannel Toggle info channel for this server
/infochannelset Toggle different types of infochannels
/infochannelset togglerole <role> [enabled] Toggle an infochannel that shows the count of users with the specified role
/infochannelset name <channel_type> [text] Change the name of the infochannel for the specified channel type.
/infochannelset togglechannel <channel_type> [enabled] Toggles the infochannel for the specified channel type.
/infochannelset rolename <role> [text] Change the name of the infochannel for specific roles.


[PREMIUM] Local Discord Leveling System

Command Description
/stars <user> Reward a good noodle
/myprofile Customize your profile
/myprofile namecolor <hex_color> Set a hex color for your username
/myprofile statcolor <hex_color> Set a hex color for your server stats
/myprofile background [image_url] Set a background for your profile
/pf [user] View your profile
/prestige Prestige your rank!
/lvltop View the Leaderboard
/startop View the star leaderboard
/levelset Access LevelUP setting commands
/levelset voice Voice settings
/levelset voice solo Ignore solo voice users
/levelset voice deafened Ignore deafened voice users
/levelset voice rolebonus <role> <min_xp> <max_xp> Add a range of bonus XP to apply to certain roles
/levelset voice invisible Ignore invisible voice users
/levelset voice muted Ignore muted voice users
/levelset voice xp <voice_xp> Set voice XP gain
/levelset dm Toggle DM notifications
/levelset algorithm Customize the leveling algorithm for your guild
/levelset algorithm base <base_multiplier> Base multiplier for the leveling algorithm
/levelset algorithm exp <exponent_multiplier> Exponent multiplier for the leveling algorithm
/levelset view View all LevelUP settings
/levelset roles Level role assignment
/levelset roles initialize Initialize level roles
/levelset roles autoremove Automatic removal of previous level roles
/levelset roles add <level> <role> Assign a role to a level
/levelset roles del <level> Assign a role to a level
/levelset mention Toggle levelup mentions
/levelset ignored Base command for all ignore lists
/levelset ignored role <role> Add/Remove a role from the ignore list
/levelset ignored member <member> Add/Remove a member from the ignore list
/levelset ignored channel <channel> Add/Remove a channel in the ignore list
/levelset messages Message settings
/levelset messages length <minimum_length> Set minimum message length for XP
/levelset messages xp [min_xp=3] [max_xp=6] Set message XP range
/levelset messages rolebonus <role> <min_xp> <max_xp> Add a range of bonus XP to apply to certain roles
/levelset messages cooldown <cooldown> Cooldown threshold for message XP
/levelset admin Cog admin commands
/levelset admin cleanup Delete users no longer in the server
/levelset admin looptimes View current looptimes
/levelset admin guildrestore Restore a guild backup
/levelset admin guildbackup Backup guild data
/levelset admin guildreset Reset cog data for this guild
/levelset embeds Toggle using embeds or generated pics
/levelset levelchannel [levelup_channel] Set LevelUP message channel
/levelset prestige Level Prestige Settings
/levelset prestige level <level> Set the level required to prestige
/levelset prestige autoremove Automatic removal of previous prestige level roles
/levelset prestige add <prestige_level> <role> <emoji> Add a prestige level role
/levelset prestige del <prestige_level> Delete a prestige level role
/levelset seelevels Test the level algorithm
/levelset addxp <user_or_role> <xp> Add XP to a user or role
/levelset starcooldown <time_in_seconds> Set the star cooldown


Ping the bot to see its prefixes.

Command Description
/mentiontoggle Toggle whether mentioning the bot will send a help message.


Moderation tools.

Command Description
/slowmode [interval=0:00:00] Changes channel's slowmode setting.
/rename <member> [nickname] Change a member's nickname.
/userinfo [member] Show information about a member.
/names <member> Show previous names and nicknames of a member.
/kick <member> [reason] Kick a user.
/ban <user> [days] [reason] Ban a user from this server and optionally delete days of messages.
/massban <user_ids...> [days] [reason] Mass bans user(s) from the server.
/tempban <member> [duration] [days] [reason] Temporarily ban a user from this server.
/softban <member> [reason] Kick a user and delete 1 day's worth of their messages.
/voicekick <member> [reason] Kick a member from a voice channel.
/voiceunban <member> [reason] Unban a user from speaking and listening in the server's voice channels.
/voiceban <member> [reason] Ban a user from speaking and listening in the server's voice channels.
/unban <user_id> [reason] Unban a user from this server.
/modset Manage server administration settings.
/modset mentionspam Manage the automoderation settings for mentionspam.
/modset mentionspam ban <max_mentions> Set the autoban conditions for mention spam.
/modset mentionspam strict [enabled] Setting to account for duplicate mentions.
/modset mentionspam warn <max_mentions> Sets the autowarn conditions for mention spam.
/modset mentionspam kick <max_mentions> Sets the autokick conditions for mention spam.
/modset defaultdays [days=0] Set the default number of days worth of messages to be deleted when a user is banned.
/modset tracknicknames [enabled] Toggle whether nickname changes should be tracked.
/modset dm [enabled] Toggle whether a message should be sent to a user when they are kicked/banned.
/modset showsettings Show the current server administration settings.
/modset deleterepeats [repeats] Enable auto-deletion of repeated messages.
/modset hierarchy Toggle role hierarchy check for mods and admins.
/modset reinvite Toggle whether an invite will be sent to a user when unbanned.
/modset defaultduration <duration> Set the default time to be used when a user is tempbanned.


Manage log channels for moderation actions.

Command Description
/modlogset Manage modlog settings.
/modlogset resetcases Reset all modlog cases in this server.
/modlogset modlog [channel] Set a channel as the modlog.
/modlogset cases [action] Enable or disable case creation for a mod action.
/case <number> Show the specified case.
/casesfor <member> Display cases for the specified member.
/listcases <member> List cases for the specified member.
/reason [case] <reason> Specify a reason for a modlog case.


Extended modlogs Works with core modlogset channel

Command Description
/modlog Toggle various extended modlog notifications
/modlog resetchannel [events...] Reset the modlog event to the default modlog channel.
/modlog delete Delete logging settings
/modlog delete bulkdelete Toggle bulk message delete notifications
/modlog delete individual Toggle individual message delete notifications for bulk message delete
/modlog delete cachedonly Toggle message delete notifications for non-cached messages
/modlog botchange Toggle bots from being logged in user updates
/modlog colour <colour> [events...] Set custom colours for modlog events
/modlog botedits Toggle message edit notifications for bot users
/modlog commandlevel [level...] Set the level of commands to be logged
/modlog toggle <set_to> [events...] Turn on and off specific modlog actions
/modlog botdeletes Toggle message delete notifications for bot users
/modlog embeds <set_to> [events...] Set modlog events to use embeds or text
/modlog unignore <channel> Unignore a channel from message delete/edit events and bot commands
/modlog emojiset <emoji> [events...] Set the emoji used in text modlogs.
/modlog channel <channel> [events...] Set the channel for modlogs.
/modlog all <set_to> Turn all logging options on or off
/modlog ignore <channel> Ignore a channel from message delete/edit events and bot commands
/modlog nickname Toggle nickname updates for user changes


Play monopoly with 2-8 people.

Command Description
/monopoly [savefile] Play monopoly with 2-8 people.
/monopoly delete [savefiles...] Delete one or more save files.
/monopoly list List available save files.
/monopolyconvert <savefile> Convert a savefile to work with the latest version of this cog.
/monopolyconvert list List save files that can be converted.
/monopolystop Stop the game of monopoly in this channel.
/monopolyset Config options for monopoly.
/monopolyset go [value] Set the base value of passing go.
/monopolyset luxury [value] Set how much Luxury Tax should cost.
/monopolyset startingcash [value] Set how much money players should start the game with.
/monopolyset hotellimit [value] Set a limit on the number of hotels that can be bought.
/monopolyset maxjailrolls [value] Set the maximum number of rolls in jail before bail has to be paid.
/monopolyset timeout [value] Set the amount of time before the game times out.
/monopolyset doublego [value] Set if landing on go should double the amount of money given.
/monopolyset houselimit [value] Set a limit on the number of houses that can be bought.
/monopolyset mention [value] Set if players should be mentioned when their turn begins.
/monopolyset auction [value] Set if properties should be auctioned when passed on.
/monopolyset darkmode [value] Set if the board should be a darker varient.
/monopolyset income [value] Set how much Income Tax should cost.
/monopolyset freeparking [value] Set the reward for landing on free parking.
/monopolyset minraise [value] Set the minimum raise in auctions.
/monopolyset bail [value] Set how much bail should cost.


Mute users temporarily or indefinitely.

Command Description
/voicemute <users...> [reason] Mute a user in their current voice channel.
/voiceunmute <users...> [reason] Unmute a user in their current voice channel.
/muteset Mute settings.
/muteset showmoderator <true_or_false> Decide whether the name of the moderator muting a user should be included in the DM to that user.
/muteset defaulttime [time] Set the default mute time for the mute command.
/muteset makerole <name> Create a Muted role.
/muteset settings Shows the current mute settings for this guild.
/muteset notification [channel] Set the notification channel for automatic unmute issues.
/muteset senddm <true_or_false> Set whether mute notifications should be sent to users in DMs.
/muteset role [role] Sets the role to be applied when muting a user.
/activemutes Displays active mutes on this server.
/mute <users...> [time_and_reason] Mute users.
/mutechannel <users...> [time_and_reason] Mute a user in the current text channel.
/unmute <users...> [reason] Unmute users.
/unmutechannel <users...> [reason] Unmute a user in this channel.


A rich embed ping command with latency timings.

Command Description
/ping A rich embed ping command with timings.


Automatic Private VCs with Lobby Private VCs that are created automatically, with permission overrides for a lobby channel.

Command Description
/privaterooms Set Up Private VC Systems
/privaterooms edit Edit a PrivateRooms System
/privaterooms edit toggle <system_name> <true_or_false> Toggle a PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms edit name <system_name> <channel_name_template> Edit the Lobby channel for a PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms edit origin <system_name> <origin_channel> Edit the Origin channel for a PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms edit logchannel <system_name> [channel] Edit the log channel for a PrivateRooms system in this server (leave blank to set to None).
/privaterooms edit lobby <system_name> <lobby_channel> Edit the Lobby channel for a PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms edit bitrate <system_name> <bitrate_in_kbps> Edit the new VC bitrate (in kbps) for a PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms toggle <true_or_false> Toggle PrivateRooms in this server.
/privaterooms clearactive <system_name> <enter_true_to_confirm> Clears the cache of current active PrivateRooms.
/privaterooms add <system_name> <origin_channel> <lobby_channel> <default_bitrate_in_kbps> <channel_name_template> Add a new PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms remove <system_name> <enter_true_to_confirm> Remove a PrivateRooms system in this server.
/privaterooms view View the PrivateRooms settings in this server.


Put misbehaving users in timeout where they are unable to speak, read, or do other things that can be denied using discord permissions. Includes auto-setup and more.

Command Description
/punish <user> [duration] [reason]
/punish clean [clean_pending=False] Removes absent members from the punished list.
/punish reason <user> [reason] Updates the reason for a punishment, including the modlog if a case exists.
/punish warn <user> [reason] Warns a user with boilerplate about the rules
/punish cstart <user> [duration] [reason] Same as [p]punish start, but cleans up the target's last message.
/punish start <user> [duration] [reason] Puts a user into timeout for a specified time, with optional reason.
/punish end <user> [reason] Removes punishment from a user before time has expired
/punish list Shows a table of punished users with time, mod and reason.
/punishset overrides [channel] Copy or display the punish role overrides
/punishset channel [channel] Sets or shows the punishment "timeout" channel.
/punishset reset-overrides [channel_type=both] Resets the punish role overrides for text, voice or both (default)
/punishset clear-channel Clears the timeout channel and resets its permissions
/punishset case-min [timespec] Set/disable or display the minimum punishment case duration
/punishset setup (Re)configures the punish role and channel overrides


Cog for racing animals

Command Description
/race Race related commands.
/race bet <bet> <user> Bet on a user in the race.
/race wipe This command will wipe ALL race data.
/race enter Allows you to enter the race.
/race start Begins a new race.
/race version Displays the version of race
/race stats [user] Display your race stats.
/setrace Race settings commands
/setrace bet Bet settings for race
/setrace bet max <amount> Sets the betting maximum.
/setrace bet multiplier <multiplier> Sets the betting multiplier.
/setrace bet toggle Toggles betting on and off.
/setrace bet min <amount> Sets the betting minimum.
/setrace wait <wait> Changes the wait time before a race starts.
/setrace togglepool Toggles on/off prize pooling.
/setrace payoutmin <players> Sets the number of players needed to payout prizes and bets.
/setrace mode <mode> Changes the race mode
/setrace prize <prize> Sets the prize pool for winners.


Poll Channels w/ Auto-Reactions Set up poll channels in which reactions with emojis contained in messages are automatically added. In addition, reactions with the respective numbers and letters will be added (up to the reaction limit) when a range is input in the form of `(x-x)` at the beginning of a message. Range Examples: - `(1-10) What did you think of that event?` - `(A-F) What do you think your grade is?` - `(0-infinity) How many books have you read?` In that last example, the reactions for the numbers 0-10 would be added, then the infinity emoji (`inf` can also be written instead). Note: this currently does not support skin tones due to the Unicode mess that creates for regular expression matching.

Command Description
/reactionpolls Settings for ReactionPolls
/reactionpolls view View the current settings for ReactionPolls.
/reactionpolls removechannel <channel> Remove a ReactionPoll channel.
/reactionpolls toggle [channel] <true_or_false> Toggle any or all ReactionPoll channel(s).
/reactionpolls setchannel <channel> [default_emojis...] Set a ReactionPoll channel and its default emojis (e.g. thumbs-up and down) for messages where no auto-reactions were detected.


Utilities to remind yourself of whatever you want

Command Description
/remind <time> <reminder_text> Remind yourself of something in a specific amount of time
/remind forget Forget your reminders
/remind forget all Forget **all** of your reminders
/remind forget one <index_number_of_reminder> Forget one of your reminders
/remind list List your reminders
/remind offset <offset_time_in_hours> Set a basic timezone offset


Create user reports that server staff can respond to. Users can open reports using `[p]report`. These are then sent to a channel in the server for staff, and the report creator gets a DM. Both can be used to communicate.

Command Description
/reportset Manage Reports.
/reportset toggle Enable or disable reporting for this server.
/reportset output <channel> Set the channel where reports will be sent.
/report [text] Send a report.
/report interact <ticket_number> Open a message tunnel.


Useful Role Management Commands.

Command Description
/role <member> <role> Base command for modifying roles.
/role rall <role> Remove a role from all members of the server.
/role all <role> Add a role to all members of the server.
/role create [color=#000000] [hoist=False] [name] Creates a role.
/role humans <role> Add a role to all humans (non-bots) in the server.
/role rhumans <role> Remove a role from all humans (non-bots) in the server.
/role bots <role> Add a role to all bots in the server.
/role hoist <role> [hoisted] Toggle whether a role should appear seperate from other roles.
/role rbots <role> Remove a role from all bots in the server.
/role in <target_role> <add_role> Add a role to all members of a another role.
/role name <role> <name> Change a role's name.
/role rin <target_role> <remove_role> Remove a role from all members of a another role.
/role add <member> <role> Add a role to a member.
/role addmulti <role> <members...> Add a role to multiple members.
/role target Modify roles using 'targeting' args.
/role target add <role> <args> Add a role to members using targeting args.
/role target remove <role> <args> Remove a role from members using targeting args.
/role remove <member> <role> Remove a role from a member.
/role removemulti <role> <members...> Remove a role from multiple members.
/role color <role> <color> Change a role's color.
/role colors Sends the server's roles, ordered by color.
/role members <role> [formatting={member} - {member(id)}] Sends a list of members in a role.
/role info <role> Get information about a role.
/role uniquemembers <roles...> View the total unique members between multiple roles.
/multirole <member> <roles...> Add multiple roles to a member.
/multirole remove <member> <roles...> Remove multiple roles from a member.


Create Reaction Roles with Buttons!

Command Description
/rolesbuttons Group of commands for use RolesButtons.
/rolesbuttons remove <message> <button> Remove a role-button to a message.
/rolesbuttons clear <message> Clear all roles-buttons to a message.
/rolesbuttons add <message> <emoji> <role> [style_button=2] [text_button] Add a role-button to a message. Use `/sendembed` to send a message as the bot.
/rolesbuttons bulk <message> [roles_buttons]... Add roles-buttons to a message.


Speak as if you were the bot

Command Description
/say [channel] [text] Make the bot say what you want in the desired channel.
/sayd [channel] [text] Same as say command, except it deletes your message.
/interact [channel] Start receiving and sending messages as the bot through DM


Command Description
/backup Backup commands
/backup create Create a backup of the current server
/backup restore <id> Restore a backup.
/backup list List all backups
/backup delete <id> Delete a backup.


Detailed Server Info

Command Description
/serverinfo Show server information with some details.


Simply send embeds.

Command Description
/sendembed [color] <text> Send an embed.


Create custom slash commands. Read the Docs on how to do so here :

Command Description
/slashtag Slash Tag management with TagScript.
/slashtag remove <tag> Delete a slash tag.
/slashtag message <tag_name> <tagscript> Add a message command tag with TagScript.
/slashtag info <tag> Get info about a slash tag that is stored on this server.
/slashtag add <tag_name> <tagscript> Add a slash tag with TagScript.
/slashtag usage See this slash tag usage stats.
/slashtag raw <tag> Get a slash tag's raw content.
/slashtag pastebin <tag_name> <link> Add a slash tag with a Pastebin link.
/slashtag edit <tag> <tagscript> Edit a slash tag.
/slashtag edit description <tag> <description> Edit a slash tag's description.
/slashtag edit argument <tag> <argument> Edit a single slash tag's argument by name.
/slashtag edit arguments <tag> Edit a slash tag's arguments.
/slashtag edit name <tag> <name> Edit a slash tag's name.
/slashtag edit tagscript <tag> <tagscript> Edit a slash tag's TagScript.
/slashtag list View stored slash tags.
/slashtag user <tag_name> <tagscript> Add a user command tag with TagScript.


Various Slot Machine games

Command Description
/slots [bid=0] Play some slot games


SteamCommunity commands

Command Description
/steamcommunity SteamCommunity commands
/steamcommunity profile <profile> Get steam user's steamcommunity profile
/getserver <serverip> Get info about a gameserver


Sticky messages to your channels.

Command Description
/sticky <content> Sticky a message to this channel.
/sticky existing <message_id_or_url> Sticky an existing message to this channel.
/sticky toggleheader <true_or_false> Toggle the header for stickied messages in this channel.
/unsticky [force=False] Remove the sticky message from this channel.


Strike users to keep track of misbehaviour.

Command Description
/strike <member> <reason> Strike a user.
/delstrike <strike_id> Remove a single strike by its ID.
/delstrikes <member> Remove all strikes from a member.
/strikes <member> Show all previous strikes for a user.
/allstrikes [num_days=30] Show all recent individual strikes.
/strikecounts [num_days=0] [limit=100] [sort_by=count] [sort_order=desc] Show the strike count for multiple users.


Support Ticket system with buttons/logging

Command Description
/supportset Base support settings
/supportset supportrole <role> Add/Remove ticket support roles (one at a time)
/supportset dm (Toggle) The bot sending DM's for ticket alerts
/supportset ticketembed (Toggle) Ticket message as an embed
/supportset buttoncontent <button_content> Set what you want the support button to say
/supportset noresponse <hours> Auto-close ticket if opener doesn't say anything after X hours of opening
/supportset buttoncolor <button_color> Set button color(red/blue/green/grey only)
/supportset logchannel <log_channel> Set the log channel
/supportset ticketmessage <message> Set the message sent when a ticket is opened
/supportset supportmessage <message_id> Set the support ticket message
/supportset blacklist <user> Add/Remove users from the blacklist
/supportset selfclose (Toggle) If users can close their own tickets
/supportset category <category> Set the category ticket channels will be created in
/supportset view View support settings
/supportset selfrename (Toggle) If users can rename their own tickets
/supportset buttonemoji <emoji> Set a button emoji
/supportset tname <default_name> Set the default ticket channel name
/supportset transcript (Toggle) Ticket transcripts
/supportset autoclose (Toggle) Auto ticket close if user leaves guild
/supportset maxtickets <max_tickets> Set the max amount of tickets a user can have opened
/supportset selfmanage (Toggle) If users can manage their own tickets
/add <user> Add a user to your ticket
/srename <new_name> Rename your ticket channel
/claim Claim a ticket
/sclose [reason] Close your ticket


Command Description
/tz Group for timezone/ip info
/tz list [start] List all available timezones
/tz default [timezone...] Sets your default timezone
/tz to <timezone> [from_timezone] Convert to specified timezone


Random Utility Commands

Command Description
/botinfo Get info about the bot


[PREMIUM] Translate everything!

Command Description
/translate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text!
/dtranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with DeepL!
/gtranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with Google Translate!
/ltranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with LibreTranslate!
/mtranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with MyMemory!
/rtranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with Reverso!
/ttranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with!
/ytranslate <to_language> [from_language=Auto] <text> Translates the given text with Yandex Translate!
/texttoemoji <text> Convert the given text to emojis!